Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mr. Finley's Pharmacy

Anti-drug videos are so much fun to watch. Here's one from 1982 teaching kids that eating prescription drugs can fuck you up. Personally, I'd be more terrified of the drugs making me look like these rubber puppets. There is something dreadfully wrong with the hippie puppet. Not only does his music suck since going sober, but he looks like something that has threatened to kill me in one of my past nightmares. It would've been more amusing to see him stab Mr. Finley with his acoustic guitar. That would certainly scare children into staying on the straightened path!

Special thanks go to the Winnipeg Public Library for turfing this piece of crap from their collection and the thrift store who sold it to me for 49 cents.


Chris Sobieniak said...

Too bad someone already got to this vid right now, shame!

Ben Century said...

Some shit hole little company who owned the rights to it (even though there's no copyright notice anywhere on the video) had it removed. I guess they make lots of money selling old VHS tapes.