Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Celebrity AnswerAlls

This is a series of cassettes in which various celebrities perform outgoing answering machine messages. Well actually, it's not really the celebrities, but impressions of them. Many of these impressions are... well... shitty. However, most of them are pretty funny. These were released in 1983 so most of the celebrities represented here are now dead.

There's a total of eight cassettes in the series. I have all of them except for number seven. These things weren't cheap when they came out. They generally ran for about ten bucks a tape. Today, you can get them for free off the internet because I was the sucker who bought them. These will sound great on your voicemail!

The inlay card gives you a list of what's on each of the cassettes in the series.

Listen to Richard Simmons!
Listen to Mr. Rogers!
Download the entire series (except for #7)

When I find #7, I'll add it to the zip file.

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