Thursday, February 28, 2013

Play Your Casio Like a Pro!

I have a feeling I'm being stalked again, so if you happen to see a creepy blonde woman lurking around this blog, feel free to call 911. However, if you ARE the creepy blonde in question, I already know that you're proficient in dialing 911, so at least I can count on you for that one. For the rest of you, if I happen to get some crazy-ass voicemails out of this, you'll be the first to hear them!

While we're waiting for the voicemails to come in, I figured I'd post another video.

This is an instructional tape I found which I'm guessing came with a brand new Casio keyboard. I'm only guessing that's where the video came from because I can't picture anybody actually wanting to buy this shit.

My biggest question is who the fuck is Jay Levy? I'm guessing he's some washed-up musician in a band nobody cares about like The Doors or something. I could care less about his ability to use a Casio keyboard because it's much more amusing to watch his head. It moves around like a bobble head going over street full of never-ending road kill.

So let's learn how to play some George Harrison on a cheesy keyboard from 1990.

By the way, if you are looking for my "Creepy Rubber Puppets on Drugs" video, it was lovingly removed by Youtube. Apparently, the losers belonging to The Metropolitan Toronto Pharmacists Association decided to be assholes and have it taken down. Perhaps they need to up their prescriptions and gobble enough drugs to turn their hard-headed brains into mush. Now the children will have nobody to teach them about the dangers of prescription drugs, and they'll no doubt be gobbling up their parents drugs and dying. Way to go Metropolitan Toronto Pharmacists Association, you're killing children! Fuck you!

Please feel free to avoid donating to their educational fund. They apparently make enough money selling old VHS tapes to compensate for it.

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Jay said...

found this blog... rules!