Thursday, June 6, 2019

Junq Tour 2018: Riverton

We have arrived at the final location of the Junq Tour (at least for 2019). Let's see if we go out with a bang, or a puddle of diarrhoea....

Mary Linski - He Restoreth My Soul

There's something really wrong with this chick's voice. I'm convinced she had a couple of drinks before hitting the record button. You know what it feels like when you have a broken vase sliding down your bare back? Well, that would feel better than having to listen to this woman sing for the entirety of this cassette. Yet again, we have yet more Christian music that we can't seem to avoid this round.

Listen to I Surrender All

Richard S. Unruh - "Enjoy" Harmonicas Vol. 1

Do you enjoy harmonicas? Do you enjoy them when there is no other music playing along with it? Do you enjoy them when they have a shit ton of echo on them? Honestly, this tape makes me want to "Hate" harmonicas, or possibly even "Despise" harmonicas.

I only bothered with the first song on side 2 because I can't tell what any of these songs sound like because they all sound the fucking same.

Listen to Count Your Blessings

Just Go To Bed / Record Your Own Story

You never know what you're going to find on these cassettes. About 60% of the time, the "record your own story" side is blank. The other 40% of the time, you'll get a little treat. This one isn't very long, but I'm happy to say I didn't flush all of my hard-earned 25 cents down the toilet. I was going to attach this to the very end of the Junq Tour video, but completely forgot while I was editing. Oops.


Hwy 6 - Dance Time Vol 2

We finally have a volume 2 in this batch! These old farts can play well enough. It's all instrumental versions of your favourite old songs. By default, we have to include the Elvis song, because I'm hoping someday he'll actually spin his way to the surface and we can see how much he avoided decomposition from the constant spinning he's done throughout the years of shitty Elvis covers.

Listen to A Fool Such as I

Gail Gavan - For The Love of the Valley Vol. 1

There exist some extremely easy ways to record your own album. One of them is to buy a couple of karaoke CDs featuring songs you know how to sing, and then record yourself singing along to them. The only reason I know this lady used a karaoke recording is because Youtube flagged it when I uploaded the Junq Tour video. So if you were expecting an all-original recording done by Gail, I'm sorry to say that she scammed you out of your money.

What's ironic is that I've been able to wrap up the first two Junq Tour videos with the song "Grandpa". We shall aim for a third in 2019!

Listen to Grandpa

And we wrap up another Junq Tour. My sincerest apologies in my delay getting this one out. It's been a bumpy winter and my brain seemed to have ceased functioning sometime when the weather turned to minus 50 degrees Celsius.

Junq Tour 2019 has been planned out, and we've got a couple of new destinations on the map for this year! Hopefully I will find some un-tapped crap in those locations. Also, I shall try to both the video and the entries out a bit quicker this year. All I can do is try.

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