Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Junq Tour 2020: Carman

I haven't posted about bad albums from Carman's thrift store since 2012, so they've have had 8 years to collect all sorts of terrible things for me to torture you with. Well, either nobody donates terrible stuff there, or the people who live there have a really terrible taste in music (which is what my guess would be). Regardless, I've managed to leave with these three gems without getting into a fight with other shoppers over it at the cash register.

The Peep Show - Leaving on a Jet Plane

This album should have been called "Leaving on a Shit Plane". Pickwick Records chose their name because they knew people were going to pick on it for their albums being junk. To be honest, Pickwick puts out some of the better quality knock-off records. They have NOTHING on Canada's Arc Records which generally sound like a dog eating out the asshole of a dead camel. 

Anyway, this album was funded by United Airlines. Their slogan is on the bottom right hand corner of the back of the album. Another bonus is this album gives credit to the people who worked on it: Gerry, John, Joe, Jim, Ken, and Bugs Bower. I'm guessing they were all hobos with no last names. Hell, the album barely mentions the name of the band. I guess this also makes it more difficult to hunt them all down and kick their asses for making this trash. The back of the album says this:

"The Peep Show adds its' own theatrical touch to every one of the ten top hits here. The new by Mama Cass,the not so new by The Archies..listen to our group take the best,and make it better."

I'll let you in on a bit of a secret... They didn't make it better. Also, Mama Cass has been dead for a long time, so I'd hardly call this "new". I'm also guessing this band records and performs naked since their name is "The Peep Show".

Listen to Sugar Sugar

DJ's Choice - Kid's Halloween Sing-a-Long

Since Halloween is coming soon, I felt no need to separate this CD for a Halloween entry. I'm pretty sure that "DJ's Choice" and "Drew's Famous" are pretty much the same company since they use the same tracks and identical drawing styles on their album covers. However, there is one difference between this and the other Halloween CDs I've posted... The cheap imitation vocal tracks have been replaced by children on three of the songs: Ghostbusters, Monster Mash, and Love Potion #9. And I thought these songs were done badly before!

I've posted about this version of Monster Mash before (with adults singing) which was on a Drew's Lamous CD. It has the intro stolen from the original recording which I find ironic since there's a footnote on the back of the CD stating that they didn't have permission to post the lyrics inside the booklet. But they had permission to steal the intro? I'm confused. Somebody needs to file a lawsuit, provide free popcorn, and invite me to watch.

The vocal tracks of the children have no reverb on them, leading me to believe that Drew just had his children record them in their basement. Although, it might be someone else's children since it's difficult to believe that Drew could possibly get laid. Imagine him trying to pick up women... "Hey baby! I run a shady record label that tricks people into buying fake versions of songs. Wanna see my cock?"

Listen to Monster Mash

Listen to Ghostbusters

Alleluia Choir / Jubilate Deo Choir - Praise to the Lord Almighty: Spring Concert, April 2002

There are actually three choirs singing on this CD, but they chose to not mention the shitty one on the album cover (and you know which one I'm going to post!) This CD contains the hits such as "Psalm 138", "Psalm 145", "Psalm 25", "Hymn 41", "Hymn 64" and "Hymn 118". I'm sure you can easily recognize the songs by their titles. The back of the cover lists the equipment used in the recording so you'll know if the church is worth breaking into to steal it.

We get treated to children singing out of tune, audience members coughing, and other talentless children playing recorders! You know this is going to be a splendid treat.

Listen to Psalm 116

Listen to Psalm 150

Next, we shall zoom over to Portage La Prairie where the thrift store is usually overloaded with terrible things.

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