Friday, April 17, 2009

A Lemon From The Fugitives

Here's a great cassette I picked up for a buck. Now, when I say "great" I mean it's an interesting find. It doesn't necessarily mean the tape is worth listening to. It's called "The Fugitives - Country Favorites" and the group seems to be made up of mainly old people who are well on their way to wearing Depends Undergarments. Have a look at the album cover:

Imagine the art direction. Grandpa Jack got his son to do it on his computer, because Jack's son is good at things like that. "Hey, let's use a picture of Bob's old '82 station wagon for the album cover. Hmmmmm, would it be possible to paste a picture of the band in front? There, that looks very nice. Oh yeah, and up in the right hand corner, put in a picture of a lemon and write "FUGITIVES COUNTRY WESTERN" on it. Oh yeah, and remove that big liver spot from my forehead. That's very good Billy, we'll send that off to the printers."

The cassette was obviously recorded in a studio and semi-professionally copied; probably a run of 100 or so to sell at the old folks homes where they played.

Here's the track listing - errors inclusive. I've included two complete songs for your listening pleasure:

01) Except For Monday
02) Mothers Against Drunk Drivers
03) I Want To Dance With You
04) Somewhere Between
05) Working Man
06) Little Too Late
07) San Antone Rose
08) Bobby McGee
09) Do You Ever Think Of Me
10) Unabashably Blue
11) Old Country
12) Folsom Prison
13) Coat Of Many Colors
14) Tall Tall Trees
15) Why Me Lord

It seems that all of the members sing on the album. The others are decent, but the guy who sings the songs I've uploaded sounds like this retarded guy Jimmy who sings at the same karaoke bars I go to (and I'm actively working on getting a video of him, he's quite amusing!)

Anyway, if you happen to come across this album.... Well, you probably won't. Nevermind.

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