Sunday, April 12, 2009

Scare Tactics Video: First Roadside Treasure of '09

Now that the snow is FINALLY melting, people will be cleaning their garages, having yard sales, and throwing shit away. Found this fantastic treasure in a box of videocassettes someone dumped.

These are a series of PSAs that aired in the mid-90s. They contain the aftermath of a scary car crash, death, disability, jail, and provide fun facts about how awful young drivers are. The first in the series got extremely heavy play during commercial breaks. Everyone in High School made fun of it or spontaneously acted it out (including myself). What's odd is I don't remember the last one, possibly because it was aired the least.

Anyway, for you Manitobans out there, here's a nice trip down memory lane. For those who aren't Manitobans, enjoy the both good and bad acting, and learning how Manitoba's youth generally behave behind the wheel.

Happy Easter!

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