Sunday, September 6, 2009

Two Albums That Shouldn't Exist

Occasionally, I'll post albums that were the brainchild of SOMEBODY, and their brain somehow gave birth to some stillborn abomination that people go and spend their hard-earned money on. You really have to wonder how people come up with this stuff.

I'll usually give people a break if their recording isn't on an official record label. I've got a pile of albums sitting next to me that I've been meaning to blog about. They're mainly bands (or people) who have thrown an album together, made a limited run for their friends, and their friends quietly dumped the album at the local thrift shop along with those Tae-Bo videos, '50 and over the hill' mugs, and Billy's 5th grade popsicle stick creation.

Believe it or not, these are official releases on REAL record labels. You really have to wonder what the dumbass at the record company was sniffing when he signed these guys.

Joey De Leon - The Return Of Tough Hits

The cover of this tape explains why I bought it for a whopping 49 cents.

Joey De Leon is apparently to the Phillipines what Weird Al Yankovic is to us English speaking people. In fact, Joey obviously ripped off Weird Al's "Alapalooza" album cover idea (1993) and used it for his "Joeyrassic" album (1994)

And what does Joey De Leon sound like? Click here to give a listen to the song "Special Offer" and see if you can name that tune.

Next on the list, we have this thing:

Thor - Keep The Dogs Away

Thor is apparently the caveman of rock, and the album sounds like it was recorded in the stone age. I showed this album to my friend Noah, who bursted out laughing and said, "From the badass streets of Regina!" Click Here to listen to "Sleeping Giant" from this prehistoric 8-track.

Me and Noah's biggest regret is that we didn't attend Thor's concert when he came to Winnipeg in 2005 (Tickets were only ten bucks.) I found a video on Youtube of what we missed out on. Hold onto your seat while watching this!

( my best caveman voice....)

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