Saturday, November 28, 2009

Some Interesting Finds This Week

I'm putting up my Christmas entry on the first of December (hopefully), so I figured I'd fill the time with some interesting stuff I've come across during the week.

Iced Tea from Taiwan

I had a client give me a couple of these drinks while I was doing some work for him. I usually enjoy trying new things, but I have to admit, I was a little bit afraid when I initially took a sip of the Green Tea. I didn't want to offend him by making a yucky face, but I lucked out - it wasn't too bad.

The reason why I was a initially afraid was because of an experience I had trying a new drink. Many Canadians shop at a store called "The Real Canadian Superstore" and they have an aisle dedicated to "Foods from Around The World". My dad shops at Superstore, and always buys the stuff that has been tossed in the "Reduced to Clear" bin.

One day (when I was a teenager), he came home with a load of groceries. He said "Here, try this drink I bought for ten cents." It was a bottle of Poppy Seed Juice. Of course, not being afraid of trying anything new, I took a long swig. My eyes bulged, and I immediately spit it out in the sink. And there's my dad, sitting there laughing at me. If you've ever eaten a dozen roses, you'll know exactly what it tastes like. On the plus side, my breath smelled like grandma's flower bed.

Anyway, back to the iced tea. I figured I'd look at the ingredients to see what was in it and noticed the instructions. Not only does this drink quench your thirst, but it also predicts the weather:

Service Instructions for RCA DVD Recorder (Model DRC8052NB)

I got a job to transfer some home videos for a friend of a friend, and I've been having trouble with the two DVD recorders I own. They're both acting goofy in the same way, so I emailed RCA's customer service and asked if there was any firmware updates. They didn't give any, but they sent me these instructions on how to reset the unit:

There are no firmware updates for these models.

You can try to reset the unit using the procedure below:

Let the unit sit with the AC power cord out of the wall for a couple of hours. Then hit the power button 10-15 times (with the AC power cord still out of the wall socket!) and then try again.

Really, really bizarre.

Creepy Corkscrew

I bought this creepy looking Sommelier corkscrew for three dollars which came in it's original plastic case. The reasons I bought it were: 1) It's creepy and 2) it looked like it was silver plated (it was sealed in a bag when I found it, so I couldn't really tell). Turns out that it IS silver plated, and some antique websites have valued this thing between $100-$200. Nice!

Book: The Vanishing Redhead

This is just wrong, especially for a children's book. It has a copyright year of 1948, and was published by Raphael Tuck & Sons LTD. I haven't read it. The book is barely being held together by it's original paper and glue, the pages are very yellow, and the printing is a bit blurry. However, I don't doubt that it's chok full of political incorrectness. I could just imagine an ad for this company:

Hey Kids! If you liked The Vanishing Redhead, here are some other derogitory books you might enjoy:

The Magical Nigger
The Faggot God Killed
The Rice-Picking Gook
Spongebob Squarehead's Concentration Camp

Available at a bookstore run by a local Whitey.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Wheres the "Guy on the Moon' logo from???

- "precipitation may occur" sounds like a mistranslation of "settling" as precipitation is the term used for settling in chemical reactions. Good to see you read the labels ;).
- DRC8052 apparently had SO MANY problems that RCA doesn't even acknowledge it's existence on their website. (this is how I found your blog). There was a firmware update but I can't find it now. There are also problems with failed capacitors on the power board that cause some of the problems this thing has. Do you remember all the bad caps on PC motherboards??
- Excellent score on corkscrew!!!
- Pardon the ignorance, but what is wrong (political or otherwise) with "The Vanishing Redhead"? Would this also make "Legally Blonde" inappropriate? I do see offensiveness of the other titles you suggested, but those are bigoted name-calling. I'm not trying to start a fight, just trying to understand and grow.

I'm chosing 'Anonymous' for identity for lack of a better choice.


Ben Century said...

I've found that many red-haired people are much opposed to being called "redheads" or "carrot-tops" (at least in my country). I've known people to dye their hair some other color solely because of these nicknames. My father has used the term "redhead' in the same context as the 'N' word.

'Blonde' however seems to have become a socially-acceptable pop-culture thing.