Friday, November 11, 2011

Terry's Public Access Performance

Earlier this year, I happily unearthed another shitty singer from the same TV show that Henrietta and Merna appeared on. Who knows, this might be Merna's dad! He's got a really bad comb-over and judging from the expression on his face, he's constipated.

This aired probably a year after Henrietta and Merna sang their hit "Go Tell It On The Mountain". Not only that, this aired just after the assholes at Shaw Communications took over Winnipeg's two little cable companies, and put an end to quality programing like this on the public access channel. Now we get nothing but boring college basketball and other crap that has absolutely no imagination nor creativity, which is one of the largest reasons I've never signed up with Shaw for their lousy cable TV service.

But, let's forget about those assholes for a while and enjoy one of Winnipeg's final public access moments, at least until the videotape glitch puts an end to Terry's singing career.

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