Saturday, July 4, 2009

Contents of the 60G Hard Drive

As promised, here's some interesting stuff I pulled off the 60G hard drive I found...

Psycho Baby


And now, here's a comic strip I like to call "Crappy Christmas"

Allright, Let's see what the kids got me this year. Hmmm.... A pair of shorts?

Anything better in here??

Ah, something to hide how utterly disappointed I am.

...and a pair of pants. Yay.

They're XXX Large. Do I LOOK like an XXX Large? Well, maybe I can use them to cover my barbeque in the Winter.

Dear Dad, here's a little something to show just how much we appreciate everything you've done for us. Love, Jason and Kimberly.

A check for $20. Whoopty-do.

Woah, here's the big one! Okay, they were just building me up. I'll
bet it's that new Rigid cordless drill that I've been eyeballing!

Ah FUCK. Allright, I'll pose for the camera with this piece of crap you got me. Why would you get me a barbeque utensil set in the middle of winter when the barbeque is COVERED IN SNOW?

Okay, I'll at least try to look interested in this.

"Made in Hong Kong." Go figure.

Next year I'm going away for Christmas. Las Vegas and a cheap hooker is more fun than getting shitty gifts from the kids.

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