Sunday, July 12, 2009

Three Video Tapes

I was at an interesting garage sale yesterday. This lady had her double garage absolutely filled up to the roof with crap, and she was grabbing random stuff to put out for selling. She had lots of stuff that qualified for the trash can: piles of beat up CDs with no cases - both burned and pre-recorded, knick knacks, and random miscellaneous stacks of video tapes.

So, I started picking through the videos. There was a few exercise tapes, a bunch of unlabelled tapes, and a few with very indescriptive labels containing only the month and the year the tapes were recorded. My guess was that these tapes were home videos, so I naturally grabbed them. Oh yeah, and I grabbed an old Nintendo game to boot - Snakes' Revenge!

She tried to charge me $3.50 for the whole shot. Christ, you'd think this crap was worth a lot of money! I talked her down to a somewhat satisfactory $2.50 for the whole shot. She asked "You ARE going to record over those, aren't you?" Of course I am!

So, I'm going to present to you pictures of the actual tapes, and show you what was on each one...







Next week on Classical Gas Emissions, the junk I found while I was out of town on business last week. I found some great stuff!

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Anonymous said...

Whoa....was the lady you bought them from featured in any of these movies? o.O