Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Junq Tour 2019: Winkler (MCC)

For such a big store, I always have trouble finding things to buy. However, there were a few interesting thingies...

DVD: Get Off The Couch

Some local Winnipeg "celebrities" (and i use that term loosely) got together to try and motivate kids to get their asses off the couch and do some physical activities. The entire thing was inspired by this one fat kid in the video. Notice how the T-shirt she was given fits her perfectly while the same shirt is grossly oversized on all the other kids.

The celebrities include radio personality Ace Burpee (excuse me), children's entertainer Aaron Burnette (more on him later) and Diana Betteridge (whoever the hell she is).

For the benefit of children who are hard of hearing, they used an interpreter on the video which is great, but they only used it on the chorus of the song. You can choose the video with lyrics, but there's no subtitles for the dialogue, so complete inclusion is out the fucking window. Why do the deaf kids always have to suffer. There is also no option for closed caption subtitles. Fortunately, most deaf kids won't give a fuck about who Ace Burpee is because deaf people can't listen to the radio.

The song prominently features a banjo. Aaron Burnette prominently plays a guitar on the video. Why must we tell the children lies? According to the winnipeginmotion.ca site, you can request your own free dvd without subtitles (I paid a dollar for mine). You can also download the sheet music in case you want to play your own guitar-sounding-like-a-banjo cover of this lousy song.

Listen to the song

after all that exercising, its time for...

Valdis Wally Jirgens - Just Plain Relaxing

I only included this album to make the above joke. The guy's a decent piano player, but there's nothing interesting on the album. Let's move on...

Aaron Burnett - Think Green

after getting all exercised from Aaron playing his guitar that sounds like a banjo, we get to learn about environment shit. Its a very preachy album full of doom and gloom. In other words, it's noise pollution. I'm not sure how I feel about this being a children's album. It's good for children to think about the future, but I'd probably rank this album just below "Free To Be... You and Me" for being an album created to fill an agenda.

Listen to Carbon Footprint

Guess what? We have a new store to visit! Stay tuned!

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