Thursday, October 24, 2019

Junq Tour 2019: Manitou

Welcome to the Blend special! We are blending a bunch of crap into one entry.

Coffeehouse Blend - Wing and a Prayer

You see all those people on the cover? Only one of them plays an instrument. All the others sing, but no harmonies are to be found on here. These are all really old songs. The newest one is probably the Mama Cass song. These guys aren't terrible, just boring.

Listen to Dream A Little Dream

Roy Royston - On Her Land

Nice Mullet! Bad Unchained Melody!

Listen to Unchained Melody

The Lea Family at Pembina Crossing

After looking at the cover, I can't help but wonder how much incest is going on in this family. It's not like the usual mom, dad and the kids band that I see. I see one mom, one dad, three kids, and an uncle daddy.

The production of this tape is pretty good, but the performances aren't very interesting nor are they very good.

Listen to Daddy Sang Bass
Listen to Grandpa

Dusty Road

The road was fine in comparison to how dusty this fucking record was. On the cover, we have a guy from the Dukes of Hazzard jacking off a car. On the back, we have everyone's autograph. Too bad the car didn't try and autograph it by running it over.

If you want to hear the least obnoxious version of Mule Skinner Blues ever recorded, click below.

Listen to Mule Skinner Blues

Smilin' Johnnie - Watching Our Country Die

This guy should call himself "Frowning Johnnie" because all he does is bitch and complain about everything. You know what I'd like to hear? I'd love to hear an obnoxious punk band cover every song on this album.

You know what the scariest thing about Smilin' Johnnie is? According to the back of the album, he has at least seven other albums. He can't be smilin' that much because I've never seen any of them, so he couldn't have made that much money from his music career. Johnnie isn't smiling any more because he died in 2010. I guess he died before his country did.

Listen to So They Call It The New Country Music
Listen to Watchin' Our Country Die

Country Blend - Loving You

Hey! Another band with "blend" in their name! Hey! We've seen one of these people before, haven't we?

Looks like she got herself a worse haircut than the one from the last album. Her piano playing is still fantastic though.

Over the period of about a month, I started coming across lots of albums by Country Blend. My only guess for the influx of these albums is two of the members died.

Last time I posted a picture of Joan MacKay's album but never posted a song. We shall change that this time so you can enjoy her piano bashing. She is most certainly the star in this band.

Listen to Beer Barrel Polka

Country Blend - You're The Reason

HEY! Where the hell did Joan MacKay go? Did she die? Why did they replace her with this bald motherfucker? Can he bash a piano just as good? The answer is no. This album is a pile of shit without Joan. There's absolutely no life in it.

Listen to a really shitty version of Tennessee Flat Top Box

Next, we head over to Brandon where all your wheat are belong to us...

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